Nintendo 3DS - Any reports of Dizziness Here?

    Just wondering whether anyone of you who have purchased the Nintendo 3DS have suffered from Dizziness or any sort of motion sickness as reported by the Sun today and yesterday. Thanks!


    None here

    I keep the 3d button about halway and it seems to be ok for me. if i put it to the top then it does make my eyes go a bit funny!

    Nope, no probs. There will be a minority though who can't process the image properly and will suffer.


    Hopefully will signal the end of 3D.

    i go dizzy at 3d movies so wouldnt like to try the 3ds..i think its like Sy says. Makes my head ache too.

    My oh has one and he played it Alot *I mean hours on 3d * and he felt abit of an headache I played one race but didn't like it I didn't feel dizzy or anything it was just to werid for me and my eyes to take! I think some people will be fine others won't like it like me x personal choice x x


    It's the Virtual Boy MK2.

    Original Poster

    anyone else?

    Josh (r3tract) sold his Nintendo 3DS because of headaches.

    I'll point him to this thread so he can respond.


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