Nintendo 64 Controller for Nintendo Switch - Exclusive to NSO members - £39.99 @ My Nintendo Store

Posted 21st Oct 2022
Limited to 4 per customer - need to be a Nintendo Switch online costumer. Be quick!

Enjoy Nintendo 64 games the way they're meant to be played – using a full-size Nintendo 64 style wireless controller! With a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership, you can purchase this Nintendo 64 controller for Nintendo Switch. Up to four Nintendo 64 controllers can be connected to the same Nintendo Switch console for local multiplayer. For online multiplayer, one Nintendo 64 controller can be used with each console.

This Nintendo 64 controller can also be used as a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller for software titles other than Nintendo 64 games, but some software titles may not be compatible due to the Nintendo 64 controller's different button layout.

Each package contains one Nintendo 64 controller for Nintendo Switch and one USB charging cable.

Please note: Nintendo 64 controllers for Nintendo Switch are exclusively available to purchase by Nintendo Switch Online members. Orders are limited to four controllers per Nintendo Account. A paid Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership is required to play Nintendo 64 software titles on Nintendo Switch.…981
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  1. hotfinder's avatar
    Would a trial NSO membership work would anyone know please?
    pirate1's avatar
    No, needs to be a paid membership unfortunately
  2. FiniteAffinity's avatar
    Tried for well over an hour to buy this. Renewed my NSO membership. Couldn't add to the basket for some reason - seemed like an error on their website. Fobbed off by their online chat. And now it shows OOS again. Fed up doesn't even begin to describe how I feel about trying to acquire this controller. And I categorically refuse to line the pockets of greedy scalpers - goes against my principles.
    Trun0's avatar
    It's so bad. Nintendo don't have a clue to manage this stuff.

    I mean two mario party games are out next month, Goldeneye on the way... of course lots of people not only want a controller, they probably want four! And despite that Nintendo never prepare enough stock.
  3. Just_Moi's avatar
    Trying to add but getting the Message "You reached the maximum quantity allowed for this product." - though i've never purchased it before.
    mastermjr20041's avatar
    I am getting the same message, even though I have only purchased just the one.
  4. daver77's avatar
    Just in time for Goldeneye!
    Ethannw26's avatar
    That's why I got mine! But seeing we won't get GoldenEye until 2023 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. FiniteAffinity's avatar
    That's a good question - I'd like to know this too.
    Wouldn't mind so much, but this product has literally been out for over a year now, and most of us still can't get one!
  6. Aerobiz's avatar
    Ah damn.

    Ordered 4 last time for myself.

    Wanted 4 more this time for someone else who currently doesn't have the sub.

    But now limited.

    Guess its good for the scalper I suppose.
    Shahintr's avatar
    I’m sure the someone else could purchase 4 for themselves as website states “4 per customer”.

    Doesn’t stop scalping, reduces it though. Respect Nintendo for doing this.
  7. Retroshotv1's avatar
    Hope the super nintendo controllers come back in stock again at some point.
  8. JRiva's avatar
    Does the Bluetooth on this work with the Amazon fire stick rom games ?
  9. acharris69's avatar
    The controller is only available as back order now
  10. aikon82's avatar
    Thanks! Ordered.
  11. Biddy2's avatar
    "You reached the maximum quantity allowed for this product."

    Never bought one. What the hell Nintendo?!
    mastermjr20041's avatar
    Same for me. I just let them know on chat. They said they will escalate this, but I won't hold my breath.
  12. lee8225's avatar
    Showing as available but It won't add one to the cart for me unfortunately
    jamie15's avatar
    Same here now that went quick
  13. danny.kerr's avatar
    48495799-2kpzS.jpgGot one just now thanks
  14. LGB87's avatar
    Do you need to have the N64 expansion on your membership already to purchase? I am getting 'You reached the maximum quantity allowed for this product' (edited)
  15. BabiDealings's avatar
    It doesn’t surprise me there is problems, Nintendo’s website is horrendous
  16. Ethannw26's avatar
    Got one, finally! Funny I got the notification from HUKD and not Nintendo to notify me when back in stock...
    DisagreeableRunt's avatar
    They never do! I've them set up for N64 and SNES and keep missing out. Useless...
  17. Trun0's avatar
    Can't add to cart, all I'm getting is "You reached the maximum quantity allowed for this product" but I've only ordered one.
    Tomasz__Y's avatar
    Same 😔
  18. Shinoke's avatar
    Can someone please add me to their nintendo online family membership just for today so I can place the order?

    I can't use my own nintendo online subscription as I don't have a switch yet

    Waiting to hopefully get a Zelda limited edition one next year, but don't want to miss out on these

    The N64 was my favourite console

    Happy to send o2 or Vodafone vouchers such as cinema vouchers as a thank you


    Just DM me and I can give you my email address
  19. Trun0's avatar
    Now OOS
  20. Trun0's avatar
    QUESTION: For those who successfully purchased the controller, did you have the standard Switch Online membership, or the Expansion Pass membership?

    The only person I know who actually got to order their controllers just fine, had an Expansion Pass membership.
    BabiDealings's avatar
    If they have restricted it to Expansion Pass members only, then it would’ve been something new. As I ordered when they were last in stock on a standard online membership
  21. GlitchFace's avatar
  22. danny.kerr's avatar
    48497932-ALCgV.jpgThat was quick
    daver77's avatar
    Yeah, mine was on back-order when I placed the order, on it's way too
  23. mastermjr20041's avatar
    danny.kerr's avatar
    Are they still in stock?
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