nintendo 64- old memories

Found 30th Sep 2007
ahhhhhhhhhhhh the good old times-

many atimes i remember the mario bros games on the n64

does anyone know whether its possible to play such games on the windows pc?

any links/advice appreciated!
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You would be needing an Emulater first to play the programs, altho i dont think there is such a thing for the nintendo 64 at the moment

nice one leefal, any amiga ones you know of ?

does that 64 emulater have links to the games you can play?
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thanks...... download the emulator- project64.....

now what??- where do i get the games?
Some good ROMS here.

EDIT: it would probably be a good idea to post a site!!
Another thing, you're seriously gonna need a usb converter for your N64 controller as its near impossible to play on the keyboard!
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cant find links to download roms

can anyone pls post direct link to any rom download?

ohhh please. Its about Xbox 360 now days and if you want sonic Xbox Arcade !

Lol yeah but there was no HD gfx! lol i bet the only reason you miss them because there easy to play!

massive roms database-

How could i forget!!

nice one leefal, any amiga ones you know of ?does that 64 emulater have … nice one leefal, any amiga ones you know of ?does that 64 emulater have links to the games you can play?


WinUAE is a good amiga emulator:

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How could i forget!!

yes but still cant find download link - can see the list of games but how do i download em?

Saxo, WinUAE is a good amiga emulator:

thanks daniel:thumbsup:
No worries mate.... the amiga was class... although one of the reasons i did so **** at school (waaaay too many days spent playing it rather than doing school work)
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finally playing super mario bros on my pc- wow- full screen as well!!

those sites werent helpful in downloading roms but my pal bidtorent sorted me out!

just passed level 2...........

thanks for everyones help
I miss my 64. People at work keep going on about whose best at Goldeneye, so we may have a competition on it to bring back some memories. I popped it in the other day and my gosh it was slow lol
I have an original Xbox with EVERY SINGLE amiga game on it - it's class !!

Also got a load of NES/Megadrive/MAME games on too.

Although I did buy a N64 a few months back for real retro gaming lol
I have the wireless adaptor for the PC which allows me to use my wireless 360 pad with the N64 emulator, it works really well. Playing games like Goldeneye and Mario 64 in ultra high resolution is absolutely brilliant
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