Posted 6 March 2024

Nintendo Boo amiibo (Super Mario Collection)…666

RRP but rarely available. Bargain compared to scalper prices.
Free shipping over £20.

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Power up your gameplay!

This amiibo glows in the dark!

These shy spirits inhabit Mario's world and have been known to vanish or freeze when met face-to-face. In recent years, they seem to have overcome their fears in order to pursue tennis and other social activities. They usually appear in groups and fly in formation. From time to time, giant Boos make surprise appearances!

You can use amiibo on Nintendo Switch by tapping them to the NFC touchpoint on the right Joy-Con or the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (sold separately)

You can use amiibo on Wii U by tapping them to the NFC touchpoint on the Wii U GamePad.

You can use amiibo on New Nintendo 3DS, New Nintendo 3DS XL and New Nintendo 2DS XL by tapping them to the NFC area on the bottom screen.

You can use amiibo on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL and Nintendo 2DS via the NFC Reader/Writer accessory
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  1. jco83's avatar
    What temperature did this get to as a deal ?
    Supergolo's avatar
    Last I saw it was 99
  2. RandomUser42's avatar
    I hope this lasted as a deal long enough for everyone who likes these to notice it. Gonna get much less traction as a discussion.
    Jasey101's avatar
    Completely agree. I think where it's rrp and how hard these are to find at rrp it should be a deal.
  3. hellachloe's avatar
    Never thought this would get a reprint. The day has finally come.
  4. Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Glows in the dark
    Anyone know how long the glow lasts for, as I want to be able to fall asleep before it goes completely dark and the monsters in my cupboard come out.
  5. Umair_Ahmad's avatar
    Time to scalp the price
  6. anthony.english's avatar
    Don't know what this is bought it for my son's birthday lol
    ChAdOx1's avatar
    Sure, for your son called eBay?
  7. andypg's avatar
    I have no idea why this is suddenly in stock, but awesome find, thank you! 🙏
    Trun0's avatar
    There's been a slow restock of old amiibo, first starting in Asia. If those are anything to go by, most of the much harder to get Amiibo will all eventually get a restock.

    For me personally, I just can't wait to finally get Pokemon Trainer.
  8. MrMalisz's avatar
  9. Heybunny's avatar
    Thanks so much, ordered!
  10. jco83's avatar
  11. hadouken888's avatar
    Anyone not able to use the students beans discount code?
  12. ChAdOx1's avatar
    Lots of amiibos are now back in stock. There was a wave of stocks in Japan last year and recently in USA. It must be UK’s turn.
  13. matthangzhou's avatar
    Got this and baby bowser for the collection. Thanks for the heads up 
  14. Jasey101's avatar
    My love hate relationship with hotuk deals. This is rrp price yet when zelda amiibo came back in stock I get a message saying they don't post rrp deals. Glad you got this posted. No consistency.
  15. Atoins's avatar
  16. Supergolo's avatar
    anyone else got an unexpected item in their order??
    randomly included a zelda amiibo

    52370562-bwDR5.jpg (edited)
    hellachloe's avatar
    I've had the opposite happen where amiibos were missing and Nintendo refused to refund me lol.

    You got lucky
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