Nintendo ds

    Can anybody give me any good sites to get this at a decent price. There is someone selling pink nintendo ds's on E**y with 15 games and they go for about £130. Is this the best place to get this?:?


    the games might be gameboy advance games rather than ds games at that price. Hope that helps x

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    Thanks Alisonfitz. Sorry to sound thick but do the gameboy advance games work on the ds then??

    Yes they do. Best place I have seen DS is virgin. DS with 1 top game for £100 or DS with 2 games (not as good but still okay) for £100. Instore only.

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    Thanks for this - god I hate not understanding these games!!!


    Argos have some good deals, but I think the John Lewis deal is supposed to be the best at the mo

    I got a ds lite for 94.97 from Asda with 2 games about a month ago, not sure if its still on but Its defo worth getting a R4DS, works out alot cheaper. If you don't know what they are search it on youtube - I found it very helpful!!
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