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    Hi guys,

    Can someone point me in the right direction for info on how to play homebrew games on the DS please ?

    Getting one soon & want to download the correct tools & games



    you'll need a flashcart, r4ds, m3 ds simply, and if you choose to get one of these you'll also need a microsd card, i've heard the r4 and m3 only support upto 2gb, alot of online shops have them. hope this helps

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    Any links?


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    That M3 DS Simply looks like exactly what I need.

    Any trusted sites to buy online ?


    edit: M3 DS Real is a more upto date option by the look of it, and upto 32GB cards supported - anyone got one ?

    edit2: you can also get a GBA expansion for this to play GBA games !!

    when i got my r4 card i just searched in utube and found out how to put the games onto it from there,,,,,sorry i can't be more help

    it is as simple as dragging and dropping files to your chosen memory card then slotting that into your r4/m3 and then slotting into the ds. one of our boys has a fire card 1GB with 31 games on it, the other has an R4 with 2GB micro sd and he has 42 games. My gf has an M3 real with a 2GB micro sd with about 30 games plus still 1GB space left. i pm'd you with a link to a site with roms, though i prefer using bit torrent myself, mininova seems to have almost everything i have searched for.

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    Cheers Shane
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