Found 24th May 2008
My kids have got their various consoles, i was thinking of buying something for me for a change. Is the Nintendo ds any good? Whats the best price for it? Any other advice/info


its great fun, i play mine quite a bit, nice break from revision

my advice would be to get a r4 type card would save money on games in the long run

i agree my son loves his, the original is sturdier but the screens lighter on the lite, if you look on here you'll see some offers on the lite, just do a search, the r4 card will save you a fortune as well, i think someones selling one of those on here as well

I bought one for my wife...

She is on it loads...

She loves the games and is currently well into Animal Crossing Wild World...

I think i saw an offer on here for £76.99...

It even hooks up to our wireless network at home...

The R4 card seems a bit outdated. For about £10 you can get the DSTT card which has the advantage of being able to take 4Gb cards -unlike the R4 which is more expensive.

i love my ds lol got a card aswell saved my self prob hundreds of pounds lol im a big kid really lol

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Thanks everyone for the advice, sorry for being a bit thick but what does the dss card do? whats it for? have repd some of you, need to wait to rep some more

sorry for being a bit thick but what does the dss card do? whats it for?

Have a read of this fantastic thread:…nt/
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