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Found 1st Jan 2009
I am looking for a DS for my daughter, yet the only consoles i seem to be able to find are DS lites.
I'm not overly concerned if it's the lite version and was wondering if there is a redundant stock of old style DS anywhere or if anyone knows the cheapest place to buy a DS?

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buy her dsi is much better
:)deffinately don't go for the original ds the dslites are so much better, and the dsi's are even better than that:)
Ok fair enough.
Best thing seems to be an import then
I'm quite happy with my phat ds, my son has used it until this christmas. I suppose it depends on how old she is? You can by pre owned at gamestation for around £50 I think

Ok fair enough.Best thing seems to be an import then


Ok fair enough.Best thing seems to be an import then

Bad move, bear in mind though any DSi specific titles will be region locked, so if you buy a japanese handheld any european DSi titles you buy will NOT run on it.

All DS titles on the DSi are NOT region locked though.

Also the DSi is missing the GBA port so you can't play any GBA games on it you may have, there are some DS games that use the GBA port for hardware accessories too.


Cheaper, regarding region locked games I can't see that being a problem either ;-)
i can sell u an old ds
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