Nintendo ds best deal?

It's my sons 10th birthday next week and i know he would love a nintendo ds and i was hoping someone here could find a great deal for me as i don't seem to be having much luck.

Preferably i would like it to come with one game but that isn't compulsary.

Please can someone help. :thumbsup:


DS Lite or phat?

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DS lite

Have you tried this deal???


I just ordered mine but it can take 3+ weeks so it may not arrive for next week (ie the birthday). But best deal by far £66 for a DS!

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Thanks very much, might see if he doesn't mind a short wait.

*edit* darn just realise the offer has expired.

are you sure? my mate ordered one 2 weeks ago and it got delivered yesterday

give it a try


Somebody used it yesterday, go through the process and try it

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I shall give it a go in the morning, i just presumed it had expired as that's what it said on the start of the thread.

Thanks for all your help.

Got the wife a good deal from Gamestation.
DS Lite, 2 full price games and an accessory pack for £134 instore:thumbsup:
What makes the deal so good is that you can choose any games, not any low priced rubbish.

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we live somewhere where decent shops don't exist!! LOL

Unfortunatly as far as i am aware there isn't a gamestation anywhere near me, thanks for the suggestion though.

Blockbuster do a great deal, £99.99 for the DS lite plus a game from their selection and a stylus pack. The games include 42 all time classics and more brain training.

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Thanks will give the nearest store a ring tomorrow, seems a good deal another one that isn't near me but might be worth a drive.


Search under John Lewis on the Hot Deals site & you will find ;


this gives you £15 off any order over £75. The DS is normally £99.99 - however if you add any item £1 or more (think pastry brush for £3 or similar) and the balance bursts above £100 triggering the free postage.

Bought mine for combined price of roughly £82.

Not bad.
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