Nintendo DS & brain training game deal?

Anyone know of any deals on a DS and the brain training game.

Fathers day coming up and I'm sure this is something my old man would love.

Happy to buy them separately if its a better deal that way.

Cheers all

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off the top of my head, they sell DS and Brain Training (or another selected game) as a package in Blockbusters for £100, but you might find it cheaper to buy seperate,

using vouchers on this site you can get a new DS for £80 ish, and then get the game seperate (again on this site there was a link to a game store where is was £13 delivered)

Preowned visit your local gamestation if you;re in a rush, they'r ehad one in my local store for £99 with brain training and pro evoultion soccer, but these bundles are totally random store by store, or gamestations website have them at £80 with 2 preowned games from a selection (alas no brain training tho!)

Other way to get the game would be to use Game (online) wheres its in the 2 for £30, use the £5 sense voucher to get that and another game for £25, Game had quidco which woudl work out as about £2.30

Don't forget Brain Training 2 is out in 2/3 weeks so you could always pre order that aswell
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