Nintendo DS - Brain training or Big Brain academy?

    Right my Ds is on the way so I need a game to play on it!

    SHould I go for Dr K*U#&* brain training or Big brain academy?

    And what is this Game kart thingy, the memory card that allows you to download backups of your games from the web? Anyone know where I can buy this?


    Got both, but i think there is more scope in the More Brain Training game (just a personal opinion of course)

    Go to and get the R4DS cart with 1GB men card for £29.99. That will hold about 20 games in rom format.

    Just remember, you need to own the original game to use backup roms:whistling:

    Google DS roms

    I'd get both, they are excellent. I recently bought Word Coach and found it brilliant. It might hellp mi two spel corektly now.
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