Nintendo DS, does the touch screen get scratched easily ?

    About to buy a DS Lite, and I wondered if the touch screen gets scratched easily (when you play stylus-heavy games) ?
    Judging by some of the playable demo models in game stores I'm inclined to think "yes"

    If so, are screen protectors a good buy, and how easy are they to fit ?
    A quick browse through some forums suggest that they're a pain to fit smoothly (without air bubbles or dirt getting under the protector).

    Is this correct ?

    I'm just a bit fussy about keeping items like this in perfect condition, and I'd rather not have to compromise by being especially careful when I'm playing a stylus-based game (it would take you "out" of the game somewhat if you were worrying about accidently pushing too hard with the stylus).

    Any advice welcome...



    i wouldnt say easily, but i suppose if you are heavy handed than yes, the protectors are really easy to pop on though

    depends on how hard you press. I can see kids scratching them up.

    I've had mine over a year and hasn't realy got many scratches if any overly visable ones...

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    Thanks to mpwheatley

    I bought my DS Lite on the day it launched, It has seen a hell of a lot of use. With sensible use there is absolutely zero visible damage to the screen and that's regularly playing screen intensive games like Osu! Takae! Ouendan.

    I am equally obsessive about the maintenance of the screen. (edit: my 9 year old brother and 8 year old step sister have made a mess of their DS consoles and screen, anyone at a sensible age should have no problem keeping the DS in amazing condition without a screen protector).

    Had mine over a year, no screen protectors or any thing and not a scratch on it

    it depends on the type of game. Adults are more controlled with the stylus - especially if you only require to touch the screen. We put protectors on my sons DS from the beginning, as one of his favourite games is Nintendogs there would have been considerable damage without them. Also keeping the screen dust free before using the stylus will help.

    A good place to buy cheap screen protectors is LED Shoppe, only about a £1 at the moment including free P&P…htm
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