Nintendo DS Game inserted the wrong way in game slot, now won't workI

Posted 5th May 2009
I purchased a Nintendo DS for my 5 year old daughter, but after about 1 week she put the game in the wrong way in the game slot.

We got the game out ok and when we insert another game now, it keeps saying please insert game or something of that nature. As it was only about two weeks old I returned it to Nintendo for repair, but the have just sent me a letter to say it will cost £53.85 and that the fault is Pin Connector DS slot defect

I can a) not believe it would cost so much and b) why the DS in not designed so you can only enter the game one way.

Does anyone know if you need a special tool to take them to bits as I have asked them to return it un-repaired as I am not paying that!!

It will only need the pins adjusting slightly i think so if I can take it to bits should be able to sort it ok

Can you let me know of any websites to give me the information to dismantle or a special tool that I will need.

Many thanks
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