Found 4th Dec 2007

Getting a DS for the missus for Xmas. Going to order Big Brain Academy, just wondering if anyone can suggest any other good 'girlie' games? She's into the puzzle games and the like.



My wife plays that Phoenix Wright game, puzzle/sleuth and courtroom drama game, amuses me when she shouts "objection!" at the DS.

Pokemon is cool and Mario of course.

You should definitely take Meteos into consideration.…tml

£14.95 at 101cd, BlahDVD and SoftUK.

zelda phantom hourglass, dead fun


You should definitely take Meteos into … You should definitely take Meteos into consideration.£14.95 at 101cd, BlahDVD and SoftUK.

I second meteos - amazing game

my better half also likes:

point blank
42 all time classics (she plays poker via the wifi)

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Many thanks for the replies.

Meteos looks great. We have a PSP and she loves Lumines so that should fit the bill nicely.

Might also see if I can get Zelda but that would be more for me :whistling:

Edit - Doh, looks like Meteos is out of stock at all those places. Why is anything remotely related to Nintendo out of stock at the mo :x
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