Nintendo DS Hinges/Easy Fix?

Just got two of these given to me by my neighbor as their Free Collection thingy.

One of them is perfectly working except the the Right Hinge is Loose, the other one has the Top Screen where it's half visable. Like it's been sat on. Hinge is fine in this one Just the screen problem. Whats the best way to fix these? If I have no luck will get rid of one of them on here for someone to fix for small cost. Anyways any helpful comments would be greatly appreciated.


There's a fair bit of fiddly work involved in replacing parts for DS's but the parts are available from DealExtreme for DS's and you should be able to fix them both with a little patience. Search on youtube for directions on how to replace the parts so you can get an idea what's involved.

yup easy as to fix buy new cases and move the internals!!

VERY genoruos neighbours you have!!! check on you tube loads of vids to show you how too do it

Stick 'nintendo+hinge' in the search. This is a common thread.

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thanks guys will try youtube for directions repped you 3

Have a look here for a step-by-step instruction to case removal.…240
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