Nintendo Ds Lite

    What is the best price for Nintendo Ds, as Im not sure what packages are good? Id like the Brain Training game.

    Best price I can get is
    £79.28 - DS alone
    £90.02 - DS and Brain Challenge game

    Are these good?

    Thanks in Advance


    where can you get a sa for that price? im looking for one for my son for xmas!

    sa = ds

    its early!!

    If thats brand new its very good price . If its 2nd hand depends how old and if receipt and condition etc. I recently bought for my kid sis a turquoise one for £85 in tesco ( i used 3x£5 vouchers from the paper) and went to game and got sims2 and brain training for £21.50 second hand although i think they messed up as sims2 box was battered they went and got another and it was sealed so i think i got brand new one.. so i paid £106.50 with 2 games of my choice and i think that was a good deal.
    Really depends if you want brain game

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    Its £96.96 and then i used the £8 code - XXP6D2 and I also get 10% off as I used to be staff!!
    Ah if that is a good price then I might get that, im not going to get the games there though as they do seem to be cheaper other places!!

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    ps What was the 3* £5 vouchers?

    tesco had them in the sunday papers a few weeks ago £5 off when you spent £30 and so long as you spent like £90 u could use 3

    Lots of shops have good deals with different games, but only great deals if you want the games

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    Yeah exacly, I might buy the console and then just keep and eye out for the games I want, have got a ds? Can you recommend any games that are good?

    i bought it for my sis and both she and i love brain training, but other than that no idea except guitar heroes lokks awesome and a few members have said its good , perhaps try searching site as often when members post deals for games other members comment how good or not they are

    I have a white ds lite with the brain training game that I am looking to sell as well as some other games. It is in a good condition and has extra stylus and protective case. Looking for £80 for ds and brain game.

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    Hi Tangjava, I bought the Ds yesterday, I had the DS and the Brain game for £90 brand new.
    But thank you for replying.

    Is there a reason why you are selling?

    I have the Wii and a PSP, and also being made redundant, so trying to sell a few things to keep the bank manager happy.
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