Found 22nd Oct 2008
Ok, my son is after a DS (like mine cos he wants to beat me at the games!) and we have sold his PS2 and am [hopefully] selling his GBA SP to get the funds to buy one.

My predicament - my Mum bought a DS Lite about 5 months ago and used it very little. She has said I can buy it off her but asked me what was a good price.

It is is mint condition and comes with one game (that I have already so will flog that and my son is not into the Brain Training), the box and receipt and a case. But what should I say is a fair price considering it's my mum and I don't want to rip her off!!


i would say £70 would be fair as it comes boxed etc thats fair to you as it is used but fair to her as its still a good price.

let her decide how much she wants for it then if you think it's too much offer a bit less

i'll give her a tenner :whistling:

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Cheers for advice (a tenner!!! I'd have half a dozen at that price :-¬). I thinkg £70 is quite reasonable as you say.

Is the cheapest brand new still £95?

CEX pays : -
We sell for : £85.00
We buy for : £42.00
Give exchange : £63.00
for a boxed grade a(new-ish) DS lite... so would second the above that £70 is a fair price

just rip her off lol, it is for her grandson afterall

If my Mother had something she didnt use, her grandchild wanted it, and she saw me making an effort to raise funds for it, she would just give it to me. I think its shocking that she is asking you for money at all.

although to be fair we dont know he circumstances at all
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