Found 16th Sep 2009
Need to get a ds lite for my son - anyone know where the best offers are at the moment?


Your local Asda might be worth a ring.
This offer has probably expired by now but worth phoning and asking..…ok/

Also, I think I read a week or 2 ago that Tesco had them in for £70 or so. Again, probably not a national deal so it's unlikely you'll get it but it's worth a phone call.

Other than that, I think the pre-owned ones in Game/Gamestation are the next cheapest (£69.99). You can go into the store and try and find one boxed in mint condition if it's for a present.


argos are doing a free game at mo, and also £10 voucher back on £100 spend

I can confirm that Tesco were doing them for £70 at the w/e

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Tried Asda and Tesco - £97 is the cheapest.
Thanks for your comments.
Any more suggestions greatly received.

Ring another tesco's that is near you.
I was told it was nationwide by the lady in the shop. They only had 2 black ones left.

where r u based?my local asda had them for £47.50 last week but after posting found out this was not national, this was stenhousemuir asda

if you buy pre owned at game, £59.99 - £69.99, store dependant, they offer the same warranty as when buying a new one.

I am probably going to Tesco's tomorrow night so if you want me to, i can pick you one up for £70 if they have any left.

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Thanks all for your replies, especially Magough, that's a very kind offer but I need it for the weekend.
Have rung all local asda and tesco and the cheapest is £99 - DOH!!!!!
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