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    Hi peeps. Anyone know how easy it is to replace the card reading slot in a Nintendo DS Lite? LO has managed to "break" hers - AGAIN - and I really can't afford to keep forking out to replace the whole thing! So - how easily can it be done? I don't mind giving it a bash myself if it's just a case of taking the case off, but I haven't got any soldering tools or anything like that (and wouldn't want to try lol).

    Alternatively - does anyone know of any good deals on new DS's at the moment?! :-S


    A bit of fine point soldering is required to solder the pins back onto the mainboard.....;-)

    Here's the underside of the card slot :

    You need to desolder/solder all four corners and all the fine pins along the edge....

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    Oh dear. Looks like that counts that option out for me then :-S

    Thanks for the info though - rep added :-)

    you have no warranty for it? Normally you get like a years warrenty
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