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    What's the cheapest you can find a Nintendo DS LITE (any colour) with or without game ? UK Spec. Typical price appears to be £99.99 delivered (

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    £93 or £100 all in with P & P, comes with new Super Mario Bros.…130

    £72 or £80 all in with P & P.…vgP

    £75.90 i think this is free P & P

    You might need to purchase a UK plug for them but i hear they are cheap as chips on ebay !

    Also if you have an DS right now im told GAME are taking them in part payment for the DS Lite and you get the Lite for £60

    These are foreign sites and they had not mentioned about tax, incase if tax had to be pay it will cost more then the standard UK price... I pre-ordered mine through GAME and will get £5.00 in reward points...

    It could be possible that GAME may offer a good bundle deal, could be game for free with purchase of any ds lite...lets see what will happen on friday.

    From what I've heard about DVD crave is they post it as a gift and mark the gift value right down so there is no taxes when it arrives here.

    Great link, thanks monkey!

    I can't work out whether to get a UK one or that imported one though.

    Imported: £75.90 plus charger plus potential customs = £100

    UK: £99.99 minus cashback = < £100

    Sorry to bump, but which would you recommend guys?

    Gamestation are doing them instore for 99.99 bundled with a crappy game(Narnia, Fifa, Burnout or something else) worth eight quid trade in or 109.99 with a game of your choice. Just been round shopping for one for my brother, that's the best I've seen so far.


    Do you get a proper warranty on an import? If not I would definitely go with a UK purchase for the £15-20 difference.

    Nope you don't get a proper warranty, but I intend on flashing it as soon as I get it to let me run ScummDS etc on it, so the warranty doesn't really affect me.

    The gamestation deal seems okay although there's no games I really want right now, I just want the console, importing seems like the best option unless I can find a console being sold for £90~ in the UK!

    knifewieldingmonkey£93 or £100 all in w …£93 or £100 all in with P & P, comes with new Super Mario Bros.

    that a reliable site?


    that a reliable site?

    I've not ordered but seen other folk say they are impressed with and especially the delivery times considering they are in australia

    You'll still need to purchase a new power adapter for it though so bear that in mind. They cost around £6 or so I think!

    does the ds lite take rechargable 'normal' batteries or is it a built in sort?
    and is that gamestation deal only available instore?

    It's a built in (lithium?) battery mate.

    I've been told ASDA are doing DS Lite for £89.97 this week only.

    game are doing it for £109 with a game too.
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