Found 17th Jul 2007
Looking for a BRAND NEW one, preferably black and preferably from a website as I need it before Sunday.

Anywhere know where I can get one from for about £80ish or less? If not wheres the best place?

Also, I'm looking for a cyclo ds, anyone know where I can get one online from with next day delivery?


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surely someone knows somewhere for a well priced ds?


I waited nearly a month for the deal from Littlewoods so i wouldn't recommend them. John Lewis have them for £99 and there is a £15 off voucher on here. If you spend more than £100 delivery is free.

Otherwise the best deal seems to be Gamestation £99 including a game from a selection. Game also have this price but a more limited selection of games. My local Tesco have the DS Lite for £95ish including Harry Potter DS for free (worth £24)


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Think I'll get the Gamestation deal and trade the game in then.

Sounds like the best idea.

I've just been looking and came accross this site brand new for £58.99 free del never used it before but it looks like its part of hmv, the banner and postcode are the same.
I've just tried ordering one but my card got rejected not sure why its has plenty of money in.
If anyone orders will you please let me know.

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I found it a couple of days back. It's extremely dodgy and has copied and pasted its info from HMV.

Yes, That site is definitely not part of HMV, its actually registered to a "Lesley C White" that lives in Rotherham, even though the company claims to be in Guernsey. Very dodgy.

I also found this site yesterday and tried to order a nintendo wii package at a fab price too,but my order was also declined and have funds available?also tried to email and the email address listed are non existent!They now have my card details!!

How do you know that its definately dodgy?

I would phone your bank immediaterly and get your card canceled to be safe. Unless you noticed if it went through a checkout agent like paypal?, or if the site was secure (Padlock symbol shown in bottom corner (IE6) or next to the address (IE7))?

Edit: I just had a look and even though it does go through a checkout agent they are re-asking you to enter your CV2 security number again which is highly unusual.

Definatley agree with Grim there, that site is dodgy. It's basically ripped the design from the HMV online store and not very well at that.

I'm looking for a DS Lite in the £60 mark, so hopefully something will come up soon!

If you google webexclusivebundles you will also see there is posts on MSE and Yahoo about this sites legitimacy. I still recommend you to contact your bank, if your still unsure ask them if a transaction was attempted.

Thanks for that,contacted bank this morning and nothing has been taken but am thinking of cancelling my cards just in case.Thought i had found a great bargain for my sons birthday too,typical eh thats just my luck!!

I contacted my bank to see if any transactions have tried to be be made but nothing so not sure if its legit or not, I have cancelled my card just to be on the safe side.
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