Nintendo DS Lite + mario - 140 bucks - is it good?

    Sorry for stupid question but I need to know whether 140 US dollars is good for Nintendo DS Lite Polar White (or whatever it is called) and Mario game package.

    I never looked at these things before but now kids asking for one. I do not have much time for research (in fact no time at all) so I am asking for help.

    Other questions are:
    1. Will US version work with UK games? And if not, is it possible to reflash it with UK firmware?
    2. What is goods importing law today? Is it 200 quid or less?
    3. What other things should I consider?


    Like most electronics, the price will be better in the US, this is a good deal at around £74. You can pick up a UK DS Lite PSU for about £6 on ebay, so as long as you're not hit by import tax then you're laughing.

    However, the import tax could be up to £25, so if you do have to pay it it will come to around £100 + the price of the PSU, which isn't so great as are doing a deal for a DS Lite and Mario for £109.

    I've seen similar deals but just bought from to be on the safe side.

    BTW US DS games will work on a UK machine and vice versa. They're not region coded.

    If Kommunist is going to take this with him from US then he can get away with taxes. Customs might allow one piece for personal use.

    Original Poster

    Thank you for response guys!
    I am going to handcarry one as I am in the US right now.
    What is the limit for personal import before they'll force me to pay tax?
    I am not bringing anything else, as I found that prices for electronics (networking, etc) are actually higher in US stores (including Fry's/outpost) than I can get in the UK.

    As to PSU, I can live with US one as I've got universal convertor (110V240V) already. It came with my laptop but I don't need it as laptop got universal charger.

    Oh, and jeans are much cheaper here that in the UK

    Hope this helps :wink:

    Original Poster

    That's great. The question is how they define "value"? Is this manufacturer's suggested price or receipt should be sufficient?

    Receipts are the best, I guess :wink:
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