Nintendo DS Lite - wanted Used or decent priced new

    It's my youngest daughters 4th birthday and she has her heart set on a DS I don't want to spend a fortune due to her age but she is a whizz at playing her sister's DS.

    Colour of no importance, where is the best place to buy?

    Your help would be most appreciated.


    you can get a preowned one plus 3 games for £94.98, game have the ds new for £100 so this is a good deal!
    the website is…496


    have alook on ebay.:thumbsup:

    I have one for sale - white ds lite (just found the box also). Have games - brain training, sight training, cocote racing and trauma centre 1. Will sell ds lite (no scatches) for £65 delivered.

    LottieApple - what details do you require?

    The ds alone is £65, the games are extra.


    The ds alone is £65, the games are extra.

    I might be interested. How old is it?

    it is about a year old, very good condition.
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