Nintendo ds lite ........will the original colours drop in ££ ?? wheres cheapest to buy??

    Where can i get best deal on nintendo ds plus more. Also i think maybe the original colours may drop in price soon with new colours coming what does ev1 think


    not really, can't see it dropping that much, no real competition at current pricepoint

    In store at Gamestation.. £99.99 with a free game (choice of 4) and accessory pack. Rang them today and they weren't sure how long the offer was on for... maybe ends tomorrow or Wednesday the bloke said - basically he didn't know.

    Even though the new colours are out and I am ready to buy I think I will still stick with buying the black one. The best (IMO) are the crimson and black and cobalt and black ...but these are not available in the UK.

    The DS lite is not getting a drop in price.

    You'll see the dead walk before you catch nintendo dropping their price on something that only just meets demand.

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    want to buy for kid sis shes 12 but with having a baby this year, i dont know if i wanna stretch to £100 for one as i spent like £140 on her at xmas as she had to ahve pink samsumg phone

    Black and white are generally popular at the moment so as the new ones are just more options instead of better I doubt they'll be dropping the price.

    Ive got one for sale second hand but in great condition also got a starter pack and 5 different games. Would you be interested in a second hand one or not?
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