nintendo ds multi card games does anyone know any better deals.

Found 5th Sep 2008
hi all i asked the question yesterday as to what multi card to get usa or europe.
anyway i have found a website that seems ok to me i can choose what games i want on the card which came up to 30 in all the price is £50 altogether thats with delivery.
now my question is does anybody else know of any websites where i can choose the games myself for less money.
as i dont want to go buying it if i can get a better deal elsewhere.
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Have you tried ] ?
buy your own card and put your won games on it, for about a quarter of the cost
edge from amazon lot cheaper gameas are easy accessable if you know where to look im sure people on here would help x:whistling:
This is a website that i have used in the past. This is [url][/url], good luck
They offer a wide variety of games and packages.
I bought 100 games from them for £60
Visit their site
There really is no need to purchase the cards preloaded with games at those costs. I would rather send someone a disc full of games than them getting ripped off like that.
Hello, Where would I get discs from with the games on to load myself? Thanks
I am searching for a multicart tourist language game for nintendo ds in the uk can you assist
Get an R4 card - iEdge for 20, SuperCard DSTWO for 40.

Backup (or illegally download) the games you want.
an edge card or acekard can be had for around a tenner.....and use your imagination as where to get the is your friend
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