nintendo ds - new colours

    i bought my ds 10 weeks ago in black - only to read this on the nintendo uk website today -

    "With the vibrant new Red, Turquoise and Green Nintendo DS Lites hitting shelves across Europe on 13 June 2008"

    in gutted - wish i knew then and would of waited to get it in green - i love the colour green!

    if you feel the same join my group on face book.


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    i want a green one!

    Same here, although i do like the look of the red one

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    Same here, although i do like the look of the red one

    if you are on facebook join the group! lol

    It's crazy cos they been available elsewhere forever,like Play Asia and such.Well I seen the Scarlet Red ones on there anyway.
    We always last,if I was having 1 personally,it would be a nice pink or purple one.
    As it is we got an original silver DS and I don't get a look in anymore,its covered with a Disney Car skin now too.

    What does everyone think then?

    Love the red one, i was looking for one, think i'll hang on now
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