Nintendo DS original not turning on until several presses?

    Bought myself an original NDS with a faulty touchscreen, have now replaced it but now having more problems. In order to turn the console on I have to press the power button like 20-30 times continuously and really fast one after another and then it turns on. Once turned it on it works fine, after then turning on and off only takes one press but then after a few minutes same problem.


    o yes and the problem was there BEFORE i replaced the touchscreen aswell


    Not being especially with the DS, my diagnostic process would be to crack it open and short the power mechanism, and if it starts, it'd imply that it's just the button that's faulty, and I'd clean or replace it. If it doesn't, there could be a fault deeper within the units power electronics, and I'll leave it to you with a multimeter and a magnifying glass to work out which.

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    short the power mechanism? meaning?
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