nintendo ds repair

    I have a couple of nintendo ds consoles with broken hinges ,does anyone know the best place to have these repaired at reasonable cost , thanks.


    i dont think anywhere on the high street repairs them. your options are use one of the repair services thru somewhere like ebay or maybe even on here where you send off your console to them (be very careful doing this make sure seller is genuine) or buy a new casing for a couple of quid of ebay & do it yourself this can be fiddly though and you can end up damaging it if you dont know what you are doing (you must also have a triwing screwdriver - used to do a fair bit of gameboy stuff on fleabay) third option sell it as damaged you get about £30-40 and someone else will fix it & sell on prob but you can then put your money towards a new one.

    I have dealt with this guy via ebay recently and he is highly recommended imo, his name is keiron, send him an email with your questions

    I've repaired LOADS of broken DS's. You could do it yourself (you need patience though) it takes a couple of hours for a complete strip down & rebuild.

    Where do u live ? There maybe someone on here that maybe local to you. :thumbsup:

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    thanks for replies , found someone not to far from me , cheers.
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