Nintendo ds wifi usb connector help please

    I dont have a compatible wireless router to connect the Nintendo ds straight to it, All our pc's connect wirelessly to the router ( tplink td-w892og)
    Will the wifi adapter from nintendo allow me to connect to the wifi via my wireless laptop?? as i cant find any information on google or the nintendo website, All this tells me is to set my router to wep and i dont have that on the router.
    any help/advice would be brilliant guys...rep left for all who reply..


    do you need it to be wireless or can u connect ds through laptop and share internet connection?

    Not to get into a rant here, but the device you know as a router isn't actually
    a router.

    The average SOHO (Small Office Home Office) "router" is a combination of 2 or
    more devices. In the case of a wired router, it is a combination of an actual
    router, and a 10/100 switch. In the case of a WiFi router, then you are talking
    about a device made up of a router, a 10/100 switch, and a WiFi AP.

    Not to shatter your world perspective there, but I wanted to at least clear up
    the misconception. It is just easier to market these combination devices as
    "routers" to the public. It is also easier to type router than to type out
    what it really is, so I might as well refer to it as such as well.

    First of all, there is no way I can adequately describe the setup of every
    WiFi router out there. There are just too many brands, models, and options.
    What I can do is point you to the official list of tested routers by Nintendo:….do

    If you don't have a WiFi router, and want to get one to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi
    Connection, this is a good a place as any to check for suggestions. Linksys
    makes the best consumer-grade routers available today, so if you are going to
    buy a router, do yourself a favor and get yourself the Linksys WRT54G. Yes,
    there are cheaper routers, and those routers are almost all of the ones with a
    low rating. You get what you pay for, plain and simple.

    As for setting up each router, Nintendo has already done that work for you as

    Beyond that, there is not much I have to say about this part. Nintendo has
    already done a far better job then I can testing routers and detailing their
    setup. Follow their guides, and you will have no problems
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