Nintendo DSi

    So anyone got one? Worth the money? Thinking about getting one but wondering if maybe I should just settle for a Lite.




    The launch of Nintendo’s updated handheld console the DSi has raised one major question from everybody I know in the circles I run int (and lets be honest the circles I run in are, well, pretty nerdy circles). The question on everybody I know’s lips these days is simply, is there enough new in the DSi to warrant getting it. Now I love my DS, so make no mistake, if you don’t have a DS there is no need to read any farther, yes, the DSi is worth it, go buy one right now. This is for those of you who already have the DS Lite and are considering getting the upgraded hardware. I don’t think I can answer the question, but I can give you a rundown on the new features so you can decide for yourself.

    Music Player
    This is a tough feature to weigh in on, on the one hand it’s really nice to be able to have a music player, and the DSi has a really cool one. You can not only play tunes but can also lay their own recordings (there’s a mic too) over commercial tracks. The problem is that the music has to be AAC encoded. That sucks, this is a feature that if done right would have been cool but it’s not, so don’t get excited about it. I’m pretty sure your cell phone can play music anyways so don’t sweat it.

    DSi Shop
    For me this is the killer feature on the DSi. Your DS Lite can’t connect to the DS shop and download all the cool games and social networking apps. That makes it worth it for me. But if the interweb isn’t your thing then you’re dead, or not cool enough to own a DSi anyways.

    More Storage
    With onboard storage and an SD card(ever notice that SD is DS spelled backwards) slot, this will make it easy to carry around all those games you downloaded and keep them with you at all times. Since there’s no GBA slot on the machine anymore, SD card is the only way you’ll be able to play all those old classics.

    2 Cameras
    The DSi has a camera facing you, and one pointing outwards to take pictures of all the things going on around you. I don’t think that Nintendo invented this innovation, but it might make for some good shizznit on Twitpic or your facebook profile. Hardly a re-invention of the wheel but pretty important if you plan on doing more than just playing games with your new machine.

    Bigger Screen
    If the DS store makes me want to get a DSi, it’s the farce of a larger screen that stops me. Here’s the deal, the screen is larger but the resolution is the same. What does that mean to the non-techies? The pixels are larger so the images don’t look as good. If there’s one thing I hate it’s when a company ****** on my leg and tells me it’s raining. Don’t be fooled by the “bigger” screen. In this case bigger means crappier. I might have accepted it if the price difference wasn’t so dramatic (40USD 60 bones for those of you north of the border paying in ice pesos). But for that much extra cost, I want a better screen, not just a bigger one.

    Smaller Size
    The DSi is a little smaller…****ing yipeee. It should be, it’s been years since the Lite came out. No love for this from me.

    So that in an nutshell is the extra stuff you get in the DSi. Is it worth it? Not for me, and hopefully you have a better idea now if it is for you.

    Overpriced, DS lite is still great.

    At last...


    So that in an nutshell is the extra stuff you get in the DSi. Is it worth … So that in an nutshell is the extra stuff you get in the DSi. Is it worth it? Not for me, and hopefully you have a better idea now if it is for you.

    cheers my little boy wants one might just stick to the ds
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