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Found 22nd Sep 2009

I am looking for a cracking deal to buy Nintendo Dsi for my daughter. Ideally; that offers a bundle / games etc.

I heard that one can have it chipped and also download free games can some please, share their experience also.

Many Thanks


Not too sure with regards to deals, but regarding downloading games for free, you can't get them chipped, but can buy a flash cart which lets you download games onto it. I use an R4DS. It's the size of a DS cart with a hole in which is big enough for a micro SD. You download the games, stick them on the micro SD through the PC, once done, it goes back into the DS cart and away you go.

From my experience (albeit a few years ago) you can't buy these from many retailers. Your best bet is either ebay or Amazon Marketplace. Make sure you get one that comes with a micro SD (most should offer them along with the R4).

How old is your daughter? Think getting a DS would be better value for money, is the R4 compatable with the new DSi yet?

Typically the bundle deals are around £140. Hv a look at gamestock.co.uk/dsi

You don't get these chipped. Wot u need is an 'R4' card or similar (DSTT or M3 REAL).
I hv just ordered an R4DS card from [url]www.dcardshop.com[/url] (hasn't arrived yet), this I'm told will allow u to play yr 'backed-up' games (if u get my meaning) on the console. U will also need a microsd card to store those games, cost around a fiver!

btw. I also went for the DS (this w/e) & not the DSi (which most people reckon is not much of an improvement over the DS)

Yer the camera is very poor if under ten years ago i would recommend the nintendo ds, can get it new for around 90 with bundle 2nd hand around 60/70

I got mine for £73 'Managers Special' at Argos (also Wii + Wii Sport for £132, extra remote for £14.69 - these are usually £28.99)

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My daughter is 7 years old. So you are recommending DS over DSi?

Yes definitely in that case, will save you around £40-50 pounds, the camera is the only real difference and for nearly double the price not worth it. Get the DS on its own without the bundle and get a R4 card all for under £100.

Hope that helps

My twin daughters are 6 yrs old this week, I wld defn. recommend DS over DSi.
If u want I can let u know how I get on with the R4 card once it arrives?

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thanks i think its the bling of DSi which is why kids and Mrs was insisting in getting DSi but is the interface and controls any different in DSi. Not that I want to spend more for nothing but atleast i will be equipped with info to persuade them for DS instead of Dsi.

Touch screen is top and bottom for DSi where as the DS is just touchscreen at the bottom, DSi is slimmer and has louder speakers although less battery life.

A review link can be found below


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My twin daughters are 6 yrs old this week, I wld defn. recommend DS over … My twin daughters are 6 yrs old this week, I wld defn. recommend DS over DSi.If u want I can let u know how I get on with the R4 card once it arrives?

Thanks Saj i will appreciate if you could let me know how you get on and if it works then its a Hit cos certainly paying a lot for games isnt me. You can PM me if suitable for you

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If I could rephrase the question any decent deals out there for DS possibly bundle and recommendation (s) for my seven years old daughter.
Very much appreciated.

Not the best review in the world, but at there are others on youtube which will help u make the choice


(Will PM u once I rec card & get it going)

hi we use the r4 on our ds me,my son and daughter, i have gots loads of games on discs you just drag n drop onto your memory card which filts into the r4 cartridge u can only use 2gb card with ours which will hold about 30 games they are about £15- £20 with 2gb card hope this helps
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