Nintendo dsi or dsi xl deal - HELP!

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Found 7th Sep 2010

Im looking to buy my 4yr old (turns 5 soon) a dsi package or a dsi XL for Christmas. I want to get it soon, but am struggling to find the best deal. Colour preference of Blue or Red.

With at least 1 game would be good.

I know you guys on here are great at tracking down good deals, so im asking for your help. the more replies the better, whether they include using vouchers, or limited offers etc. This is a definate purchse and needs to be new, so please, your help would be most appreciated.



Does it have to be a DSI or XL as at that age it's likely to get damaged / broken. What about just a DS lite as they are cheaper.

dsi xl is only in brown or dark red no other colour at min, the dsi comes in many colours

and unless your child is very computer mined will find alot of the games very hard to do and game are doing the best deal on dsi at the min

The new "3D" dsixl is coming out near christmas, so i think the dsixl "might" drop in price.
I've got the dsixl and the screen is much bigger and good for kids eyes.

My son is 5, turning 6 soon and played with his (my!) DS for a couple of years now. He plays without any problems at all, although because he can't read yet he needs help with instructions and pointed in the right direction on menus etc until he gets the hang of the games. Mario Kart is excellent, as is Disney Cars Maternational - racing games seem nice and easy to get the hang of for little ones.

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Thanks for the feedback. I think i'll be looking for the dsi and not the lite. I looed at it, but prefer the dsi or the dsi xl. Larger screen would be good.

Can anyone post specifics of any good deals they can find online?

Im not great at the searching or where to look.

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