Nintendo DSi system update 1.4.5 with R4 card error???

Posted 19th Dec 2015
I updated the software on my daughters Nintendo DSi XL to 1.4.5 but now it won't run her R4i Gold card?
Has anyone got a DSi running 1.4.5 with an R4 card?

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hi im having same problem . i think it needs a patch
From what I've been reading, the new 1.4.5 software on the DSi / DSi XL can detect the older R4 card and make them redundant.
Need to find a genuine site to buy the newer R4 cards.
I had a problem with my kids old 3ds. If u update the device with ur r4 card in it, it will no longer work. U need to update the card first through the r4 menu iirc. Only way back was to find another device that hadn't been updated and put ur card in that one and update through r4 menu. Card ended up in the bin and I bought a new one
Where is good for new cards these days please?

Where is good for new cards these days please?

Here you go…tml
hi have u gtbit working
sorry have u gt it working
From what I looked at, you couldn't do it. Ended up ordering a new card.
hi did you gt a new card and where frm thanks
does this particular R4 card play 3ds games on the 3ds? or just normal nds games on the 3ds?
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