Nintendo DSi XL R4 cards?

Found 4th Sep 2010
Had a look last night, OH wants to play movies etc on her XL. Am I right in thinking a R4i card is the one to get for the XL or an acekard (not sure which one) is it? (oh her fimware is 1.4e - not sure if the "e" matters?)

Can I ask is one better than the other? and wheres the best place to buy from? cheers.
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There isn't a special card for the XL. As long as it is an "i" variant of card, it will be fine, as long as it has been upgraded to play on 1.4 firmware.

I personally stay away from "R4" cards, as you have little idea what you are buying, and if the firmware you get for it is the correct one.

One other thing, she bought a sd card, thinking like the psp, you could go on the Nintendo store site to download & play demos, but theres only 2 free demos to download on the dsi. If you cant put demos on it, or films (without the r4 card) Is there any benefit to have a sd card?
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Acekard 2i running AKAIO software…AIO , this combination is the best for the money i reckon.
Quake on the DS?

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Remember these are now illegal in this country to sell, so may be difficult to get hold of one. Not looked recently though.
I'd go for the DStwo cart - the most future-proof card where all the games work without being patched etc.
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