Nintendo "investigating" reports of accounts being breached

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Nintendo has told Eurogamer it is now actively investigating a wave of reports from Switch owners stating their Nintendo Accounts have been accessed.

Yesterday, Eurogamer reported that a number of account owners had reported their Nintendo accounts accessed over the past couple of weeks. A Eurogamer staff member was among those recently affected.

Some account users reported their accounts had been used to buy digital items, such as bundles of Fortnite VBucks worth up to £100, via linked PayPal accounts.

MY Q. Why is Nintendo using Google Authenticator app - don't like the look of it. Why not a text code like with credit card log-in?

I've un-linked paypal for security, maybe stick with pre-pay N. cards in future
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Google Authenticator is perfectly fine. And you can use any authenticator app it doesn't have to be Google's.

The apps generate a six (or eight) digit code that will last (by default) 30 seconds plus a short grace period for you to type the code out. That's much shorter than text message codes tend to last.

When you set it up an encryption key is saved to your phone. Without this key you cannot generate the correct code. So a hacker must have your device/encryption key to be able to login.

That's a bit similar to the device you might have from your bank to put your card into when using online banking.

That said, I do not like the idea of linking accounts together so it is a wise decision. Because there are methods to login to accounts without having to enter an authenticator code, or even a text message code.
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