Posted 22 November 2023

Nintendo Joy-Con (Black Friday)

Honestly surprised there aren’t any Joy Con deals for Black Friday lol. Been holding out as I need some new ones but can’t see anything!

Anyone reckon there will actually be any deals about or am I just going to have to bite the bullet and pay full price lol.
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  1. RandomUser42's avatar
    Who knows whether it will go on sale or not, but it isn't Black Friday yet (24th) so might as well wait a few more days and see if anything appears on the day or even Cyber Monday (27th).
  2. googleboogle's avatar
    It nintendo, only way will be if ebay or a similar retailer has a voucher etc
  3. jco83's avatar
    EE Store had them at £44.25 using code 2-3 weeks ago
    Sweetchinmusic's avatar
    Yeah I actually tried on that but they sold out so quickly lol. Was hoping another retailer would do another deal closer to Black Friday but I’ve seen about 45 Xbox and PS5 controller deals and nothing for Nintendo lol.
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