Nintendo Mario Kart Free Game promotion. Limit to free games?

Found 18th Jun 2014
Hi all, I've had a quick search for this and don't think the answer has been posted : I've got my son the Wii U Mario Kart pack. I understand that this will come with a code that I can redeem to get a free game download. Is there a limit to the number of codes I can redeem, as I've seen some codes for sale on eBay?

Any wisdom would be greatly appreciated.

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You can only register your purchase once.

you can only get 1 free game per club nintendo account

create more than account online., get the codes and redeem them on your sons actual account

What I did was.
ordered mario kart 8, ninte do failed to deliver on the day.

They sent me a digital code, I registered it and got my free game (mario Bro u).

Mario kart 8 arrived in post next day, I made a new ninte do account and registered that physical copy and got a different game (pikmin 3).

The different game codes worked on my Wii u account, redeemed in the eshop. So you can buy codes of eBay and get all 8 titles.


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Thanks everyone for the responses. Sounds like a bit of work but worth it.

... To eBay, like the wind!
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