Nintendo Revoltuion Controller

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The Revolution will not be televised, but it will owe thanks to the ubiquity of television remote controls, it emerged today, as Satoru Iwata revealed that Nintendo's next-generation game controller is a one-handed, movement-sensitive, TV-remote-control-shaped wireless device that allows players to direct actions through gestures as well as button presses.

The practical applications of the controller could be fascinating. Iwata presented a concept video showing how this might work, as gamers of various ages swung the controller like a baseball bat, fired it like a pistol, whipped it like a lasso, gestured with it like a conductor, and even flipped the tip up and down to the familiar sound of the Mario Bros. jumping effect.

Players will also be able to plug in various expansion controllers through a port on the bottom of the unit, including a classic expansion to allow traditional control of the Revolution's back-catalogue titles, and an analogue stick device with Z1 and Z2 triggers for what Iwata jokingly referred to as a "nunchuck-style expansion" - presumably more in terms of looks than action. It will also be possible for gamers to use two controllers at once.

Check out the media.cube.ign.com/art…tml promo vid - the doubters will become believers, this quite frankly looks like the best thing ever!

A few people were whining about how it'll detract from Nintendo getting third party games, which for a brief time it will, but then you have to realise that every other Nintendo idea is now standard practice in their competitors (D-pad, analogue sticks, trigger buttons, rumble packs, wireless), I can't help but think that Sony and Microsoft are going to rush out 'Wireless Pointing Devices' just as quick as they can. And anyway, who wouldn't want the challenge of developing for something that looks so great as that controller?

Nintendo have proven, yet again, that they're a very serious competitor. Hooray for us gamers! (and I can't wait to try one of those things, too!)


Hmmm interesting. Honestly it all depends on the implementation. If they can make games that really use this controller in a unique and catching way it can fly. If it's just to play baseball with...well I don't think that's enough.

Nintendo really need something though...they're slipping especially to Sony.

There was an article on this in wired today, thought you might be interested blizeH:

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