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Found 6th Jan
What’s the current best prices? Shopped around and it doesn’t seem to be lower than £280?!
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You’re best off going to somewhere with a discount code. For example when Tesco put an electrical offer on, or buying from Very with a new credit account and getting the discount. Nintendo consoles rarely drop in price.
I think at the moment there seem to be no good gaming console offers. Wait around a bit and you may find a better deal.
As @kristoff1875 says, Very new Credit Account discount is probably the best deal available. 10% off for Gaming. It's on their homepage.
Though if you're just buying the console on its own, this £30 account credit back code would give a little extra saving.
Very also offer up to 12 months 0% Buy Now Pay Later. So pretty good
If you don't mind used. You can usually grab a cheap unit at £220 with everything. Just the tablet and Joycons at around £160, or a bundle with a game or 2 at around £270.

Sphock, gumtree and Facebook market place

For new, I wouldn't know as not looked.
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