Posted 20th Oct 2019
I have a Nintendo Switch and my AC Adapter has stopped working out of the blue. It was working last night and even this morning, now I have arrived home and it seems to be completely faulty

I have a warranty with Argos D&G, I understand I can use this however I would rather try some troubleshooting steps out first

I have tried

  • Waiting for about an hour after initially trying to use the Switch with everything turned off and unplugged to try again

  • Ensuring there is no clear signs of water damage or any other damage on the AC Adapter, as well as the dock and the console (tablet) itself

  • Plugging a different device (charging my phone) into the plug socket that I tried my Switch in, to ensure it isn't that the fuse has blown

  • Moving the Switch with the AC Adapter to a different plug socket

Any other troubleshooting steps would be appreciated. If anyone here has had the same issue and they have managed to fix it themselves, I would be very grateful for any help

Thank you in advance for any help
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