Nintendo switch flicker

Posted 13th Oct
My switch will sometimes do a white screen flicker. I have changed hdmi port. Cable and still does this. It will do it once every few days. Any idea what it could be? If its flickering on the tv i have checked the switch screen and that was fine. Could it be the Dock? Had it 10 months I'm thinking of returning to smyths but worried if they find no fault.…-wY
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Could it be your TV? Is that YT video the one you intended to link?
I have tried different ports even the ps4 works fine in the port.
That's my video yes of it.
Edit I just checked it and it's changed I'll link it again.

Edited by: "smoose89" 13th Oct
So redocking the switch fixes it for that session. Before I changed system output to alter the screen that fixed it for the session.
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