Nintendo Switch Free 12 month Warranty

Posted 23rd Dec 2019
Hey all,

Not a deal per se but still good to know.

My joycon controller had the dreaded drift. A common issue with the Nintendo Switch joycons.

I sent it for free to get it fixed by Nintendo. Just got an email back from them stating that they have fixed the drift and will be returning it to me tomorrow.

Just under it they said something on the lines of.. To provide you with the best service your warranty has been renewed for an additional 12 months from the date of this letter (email).

Well thank you very much for that Nintendo!
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That's wicked
Thanks for the reminder that I need to send one my joy-cons off for repair again, I keep forgetting to because I use my pro controller most of the time
Not a problem. Glad it's useful to someone! They take a while so I would get it sent off quickly.
That is good.
That’s great
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