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Found 16th Oct 2017
Splatoon 2 - Is it pay to win? Roughly how many players online everyday? Is it popular? Can you view your stats i.e kill death ratio, assist and deaths etc? Can you chat in game with voice?

Marketplace - Can you download free games and demos or is everything paid versions?

Zelda - Zelda a stand-alone? Do I need to play other Zelda games to understand the story? I have never played Zelda.

I honestly don’t know what other games to get because Zelda dosent interest me. I am thinking getting Pokken but not sure. Does anyone recommend some fun games? Appreciate the help
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You don't need to like, or need to have played any Zelda game to love Zelda Breath of the Wild. Easily the best game on the Switch.

Splatoon 2 is a carbon copy of Splatoon on the Wii U, I haven't got Pokken for the Switch yet but I'm guessing it's a carbon Coby of Pokken on the Wii U. The same as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe... Mario Odyssey may just be the winner releasing on the 27th though. You already don't like Zelda, so if you don't like Mario then imo the Switch is not for you.
Never played Splatoon and I don't think you can chat online with the Switch, but if you can someone will say..
The Switch eshop (marketplace) is a bit basic, but there are a few demos, Inc demo of the Pokemon game
I had Zelda but didn't like it, sold it on, never was into Zelda and couldn't get into this one either.. fifa is my most played game, Mario Kart is fun, Golf Story is a good funny game, there are quite a few games due out, Fire Emblem, Mario oddessey, Resident Evil, have a look on YouTube and see if you like any of the games
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Im more of a ps4 guy but bought a switch recently. Its a great wee console mainly using it for indie games but been playing mario kartwith the wife. Splatoon has plenty people online the original still does on wii u and its quite an enjoyable game although my kids play it more
Splatoon is very fun. But completely different to any other shooter (which is probably why I find it to be so fun) you can check out certain stats such as total inked turf. And you are rated after each game in terms of how many you splat/kill, how much turf you ink and how many specials you use in that match. Chatting in game with voice isn't possible.

Marketplace has some demos. Not many though.

Played my first ever zelda game on the switch. And didn't feel like I had missed out on the other series when beginning it. I do now want to go back and play as many of the others as I can.

Stardew valley is my game I'm hooked on so far. It's cheap mobile style game but very extensive in terms of what you can do within it. How many different ways you can earn money and stuff like that. Very cheap and almost my favourite game I've played this year.

Also really enjoyed Mario + rabbids.
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