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Posted 1st Nov
Looking to buy the Nintendo switch lite for myself for the upcoming pokemon game and was wondering if any owners could tell me if it’s worth it and if you have had a normal switch too is it better or worse?

I know which games I want so that’s not a problem

Should I wait till Black Friday?
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Wait till Black Friday also go for normal switch for that extra £100 you get best of both worlds...
The Switch Lite doesn’t play all normal switch games and doesn’t have the option to use on TV, I bough a normal switch for those reasons. It’s slightly more expensive but I would opt for a normal switch if I was you
If you are only ever going to play handheld and have no interest in connecting to the TV (and therefore being able to play games such as Mario Party) then the Switch lite is fine.
But if you want to do multiplayer then a regular Switch is better so you have the TV connection.

Think of the lite as a replacement for a DS and the regular Switch as a replacement for the Wii.
Some decent deals with 10% off eBay on normal switches too. E.g…589
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