Posted 28 November 2023

Nintendo Switch - Newbies Thread!

Hey everyone,

I finally caved in and purchased a OLED switch Mario Kart bundle! My 6 year old has been asking for a switch for a while, not that I'm sure he really knows what it is! - Playground chat!

So, as someone who considered their 'gaming' days to have ended with the PS3, Wii, DS etc and has fond memories of the Mega Drive I feel I have some catching up to do!

I figured some others might be in a similar boat based on so many Switch threads recently. So, perhaps this helps others too.

So yeah, I'm wondering where best to find a Switch 101 guide, and some hints and tips etc.

Also, looking for game suggestions..

So far I have
* Mario Kart, and considering the expansion pack
* Switch Sports (fond memories of the Wii!)

Bearing in mind my son is 6 1/2 hasn't done any kind of gaming before etc! Any which are calmer and have some kind of educational value will get brownie points for me with my wife!

Oh and I got the steering wheel thingies for Mario Kart too.
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    Cheers, yeah I'll probably get that later today, looks good
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    I'd say Snipperclips can be described as having some educational value! have to think about how to solve the [puzzle-like] levels great fun in multiplayer! can get quite silly

    I suppose any co-op games where you need to work together have some educational value

    Ring fit Adventure is great for some physical activity (edited)
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    Cheers, yeah, ironically the ring fit bundle (non OLED) on game is what started all this fiasco off!
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    A bit boring but you'll want a Micro-SD card for more memory. My young cousin looked bemused with one as a gift but understood when she filled her internal memory in about a week.
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    That's exactly the sort of thing I'm on about! Being the OLED I'm hoping it'll last him more than a week but we shall see. I guess any microsd is fine? Presumably class 10 or above.
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    Always learn from the you tube videos titled 'tips and tricks for ...' or 'switch for beginners'... etc etc - lots to learn from such videos
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    Cheers, I'll give that a look. I'm still oldskool and so often read stuff instead he he
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