Nintendo Switch OLED Console - White Bundle Deal

Posted 26th Dec 2022 (Posted 14 h, 54 m ago)
Nintendo Switch OLED Console - White

Potentially Get a Nintendo switch OLED console for £230, actual price of Bundle deal £309.99

In order to get the console on it's own for £230 add to basket from the Bundle option priced at 309.99 (1 Free Game).
Select : Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit Nintendo Switch Game worth £79.99

Your basket will remain at £309.99 with this game included.

Click and collect the order, this usually means paying via card online.
Also be sure to check the stock of the local store to see if both items are in stock.

When you have collected your order be sure to have your receipt usually on email, simply return the mario Kart game for £79.99 and get a refund on the card you paid with.

Then you've just got yourself an Nintendo Switch OLED for effectively £230!

Even if after buying a different game you'll still have some money in your pocket for less than the price of the console if purchased on its own.

This is my 1st post so apologies if I've missed anything.

This method worked for me earlier on today.
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    This is merely abusing a loophole in their system.
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    What retailer?
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    If only Mariokart was £0.00 as its part of a bundle.... Did you try this method yourself? If not why? So i very much doubt you can return the game... Well you can... And get £0 back
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    Yes I did, upon completing purchase the receipt is itemised showing mario karts true value of 79.99 then you can ask for a refund on that separately
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    got it for £170 from amazon last month
    You got a brand new OLED Switch for £170 from Amazon? You should have posted it as a deal if you really did.
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    I think it's pretty neat and it's a good spot. Plenty of mis prices happen on HUKD and remain as a deal. It depends on whether the company honours said price. No different here imo and just gaming the system a bit. Had this "deal" gone ahead it would have gone super hot! (edited)
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    Looks like they've sorted this out now... I wish I'd jumped on it last night instead of thinking about it
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