Nintendo Switch Online package is a lot cheaper than we thought...

    Much better than i thought!

    Last month Nintendo announced that the Switch's online service would require a paid-for subscription, similar to Xbox Live and PS+, Now we know....

    1) Nintendo president Kimishima tells the Nikkei Switch's online service will be priced at 2-3,000 yen ($17.50 - $26.50) *YEARLY*. Which is approx £14-£21ish…oto

    If looking to pre-order currently in stock here


    So thats £13.85 - £20.97 and when you add VAT it may be £16.82 - £25.16, i think it will be £19.99

    Original Poster SuperEd


    So thats £13.85 - £20.97 and when you add VAT it may be £16.82 - £25.16, i … So thats £13.85 - £20.97 and when you add VAT it may be £16.82 - £25.16, i think it will be £19.99

    I think £20 mark is more than likely, hopefully see sub cards soon and that'll tell us also

    Yes, good news! What about the super bowl ads? The extended one is a bit cringey but overall I was impressed.

    If the switch is £280 here and $300 in the states and then the online service could be up to $26.50 I fail to see how it could possibly be £20. Probably £25.

    FYI the Switch is JP¥30,000 which currently equals US$265 or GB£209.
    Also AFAIK Japanese prices include sales tax which I found is 10%

    How much does Xbox Live and PS Plus cost in Japan I wonder?

    If they stick with the whole free game for 30 day. Then I don't see myself needing the switch live system.

    Xbox live I paid for a year for the games. Ps4 I play casually online. Doubt I'd get a switch for online gaming.

    But for price it's decent, let's see how reliable it'll be compared to live and ps+

    Since ehen do exchange rates get taken into account it will be 40 quid here and any price is too much anyway

    £20 for one snes or nes Rom a month, rubbish online, party chap through the app and friend codes. No thanks.

    Looked up the Xbox and PS Japan prices earlier today.
    Xbox Live Annual: 5378 Yen
    Playstation Plus Annual: 5143 Yen

    Compared to 2000-3000 yen, this is a really pleasant surprise from Nintendo. Looking forward to it if it means they improve their servers
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