Nintendo Switch peripherals in pipeline

Posted 11th Jan
I just got an email from Nintendo informing the Ring-Bit thing is back in stock. Which has prompted this post. Between this, the third party animal hunter game gun thing attachment, the Japanese drum bongo game and the Nintendo Labo cardboard stuff it hasn't been good for peripherals so far has it?

Unless I am forgetting something there has not been a decent peripheral by Nintendo since the NES light gun (think Duck Hunt).

Is there anything to get excited about in the pipeline? Nintendo can surely do better? Must be a matter of time before they attempt to be the leaders with family focused VR?

What's are your thoughts about Nintendo peripherals?....
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Labo is a pretty decent idea I thought
rogan179111/01/2020 10:41

Labo is a pretty decent idea I thought

I refuse to pay for cardboard think it’s a bit of a con tbh
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