Nintendo Switch Profiles, Accounts and Online Membership

Posted 8th Dec 2022
We've bought a Switch for our two young children for Christmas and I've set it up ahead of time (charged it, updated it, downloaded games and created profiles for each family member). I've created a Nintendo account and linked my profile to it. I have NOT linked any other profiles to an account.

My question is if I get the online + expansion pack individual membership will all of the profiles on the switch be able to use all of the benefits, i.e. the games with individual save points etc?

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    I'm pretty sure it's just for the main individual.
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    Only works on which ever account purchased NSO. You’ll need the family subscription for it to work
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    No, you will need the family membership
    And I'll need to link each profile to it's own Nintendo account? How does that work for children without an email address?
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    Ive been looking into this also, if you look on fleabay you can get the online + expansion pack (one user) for around £11......might be worth considering
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    I’ve some 12 months slots available. Ends 30/12/2023. PM foe details
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    Hiii, do you still have a slot available?
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    Anyone know how to change a family account FROM a kids account TO a non-kids account?

    One of mine has grown up!
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