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Found 7th Sep 2017
Hi, just got my Switch today, thanks to "dognobs" for the Switch Very deal last month.. will be setting it up on saturday and I will be looking to download as many demos as poss, so I m looking for info on changing region to get demos from diff regions. I did read on a post on hot deals that it's really easy and you don't need to make different nintendo accounts but can't find it now. can someone give me a quick simple how to guide that's not to technical, thanks
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jco8339 m ago

Go to accounts.nintendo.comChange your region

Thanks, I thought i read on here you can just select a diff region from the Switch wthout making a new account up, then just change back to your UK one... Will have to have a play around once I set my Switch up on sat
You can't change your account region on the console itself, have to do it on the website.
You don't need to make multiple accounts for different regions unless you want to load eshop credit for a region, as you can't change the region of an account that has credit on it (it either won't let you change or tell you the credit will be lost)
I have changed my main account region many many times (sometimes just to check prices).
I've purchased digital games from Norway, South Africa, and Russia.
I've been unable to purchase from the Americas or Japan as it said my payment method is not accepted, but European regions are no problem.
I use Revolut to avoid the 'foreign transaction fee' most cards have, other people have said Monzo is also good
Thanks, very helpfull.. will give it a go over weekend, just after demos at the mo, but be worth checking out diff prices on games
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